Every day and almost everywhere we are surrounded by walls. They are affecting us in the rooms where we live and work. It's magical, how they radiate peace and security, stimulate our inspiration and encourage our zest for life and action. Decorative walls can convey pleasant emotions in any form and enrich our life redundant. In short: we feel comfortable in a room surrounded by walls with character. It's my job and mission to give your walls personality. Already many centuries ago the sophisticated Venetians discovered, that walls do more than just serve a purpose. They stepped further by developing the art of wall design and brought it to a perfection, which draws its fascination from the synergy between function and art. With knowledge and technical skills in this tradition - which is rooted in my Venetian origin - combined with modern influences, I'll turn your walls into an individual piece of art, from which you will benefit for years to come. Exclusive wall design and creative color choices give distinctive personality to your desired object, no matter whether it is private or official: a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, or an office in a large company. With more than 25 years of experience I'll be at your disposal for an individual consultation - from the initial idea to the final details of completion. Step into a new life: Add spirit and soul to your rooms.